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Sponsored articles are published on our home page, they are marked with “SPONSORED” tag and are shared on our main social media channels.

Sponsored articles are published in Romanian language ( crypto.ro) and in English ( crypto.ro/en/)

If you do not have the Romanian version of your Sponsored Post, we will translate for you.

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Guidelines you must follow

  • 3 external links are allowed, all nofollow
  • 3 pictures and 1 embed video allowed
  • You must provide the content, image included, min. 1280 x 800
  • Unique content is required
  • Affiliate links are not allowed

Where are Sponsored articles displayed?

  • Sponsored articles are published under category Articole sponsorizate (Sponsored article)
  • Displayed on our homepage for at least 24hrs
  • Displayed on our iOS and Android mobile app
  • Shared on our main social media channels ( Telegram, Instagram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube community)

Sponsored articles features

  • Marked with Articole sponsorizate (Sponsored article) tag with a disclaimer
  • Includes text to speech – audio version of the article
  • Processing time is 1 to 3 business days
  • 1 review allowed after article was published